What is SustainaButter?

SustainaButter is a one of kind nutrient dense & diverse Organic Raw Soaked then dehydrated 16 Nut & Seed Butter. I like to think of as a whole food supplement without any supplements, just real food. Try comparing the nutritional information of our Straight Up sustainabutter Flavor to your regular nut butter of choice, you'll find that there is no comparison.



The Nuts & Seeds are soaked then dehydrated?... Why?

At First, I Thought Raw Food Was All That Was Necessary. I Didn't Bother Soaking The Kernels. It Was My Paleo Sister That Persuaded Me To Look Into Soaking The Nuts And Seeds... Soaking in distilled water with a little Pink Himalayan sea salt triggers the nut & seed kernels into partial germination thereby activating nutrients within. it also washes away mold, enzyme Inhibitors, & phytic acid that can interfere with digestion. Instead of roasting, like most nut or seed butters I prefer dehydration, it preserves heat sensitive enzymes & nutrients.

"Nuts are essentially the seeds of nut trees – apart from peanuts, which are related to peas, not nuts.

When you soak seeds, including nuts, in water, two phenomena occur: leaching of protease inhibitors [molecules that inhibit digestion] into the water and activating of the germination process, so the amount of starch and fibre reduces, while the protein and vitamin content raise.

This is why germinating seeds and nuts are easier to digest than dry, raw nuts. However, most nuts bought at British supermarkets have been blanched [quickly cooked in boiling water] or roasted, which also inactivates the protease inhibitors. Roasted nuts are not alive any more, so they will not activate."


16 nuts & seeds?

Most People Usually Pick "Go To" Preferable Foods That Leave A Vast Nutritional Void In Their Everyday Diet. Chronic Nutritional Deficiencies Coupled With Dehydration Can Have A Serious Detrimental Impact On One's Overall Well-Being. Each ingredient offers some nutritional or antioxidant value. For optimal nutrient density & diversity, a roasted or un-soaked mono butter can't measure up.

Shelf-life? Once opened? best way to store my jar?

No refrigeration is necessary. For maximum nutrient preservation and best taste, typically the the product is good for 4-8 weeks once opened. I've had jars that have been opened for a 2-3 months (or longer) and they were okay to eat just didn't taste exactly fresh as it would when just opened.

Unopened it's good for 18 months from the manufacture date. Just make sure to keep it away from sunlight and heat exposure, intermittent heating and cooling really messes with the shelf life. If you would like, you can freshly stir it and put it in the fridge (cooled it's more like a fudge consistency) it will last much much longer in the fridge once opened.

Are all the ingredients organic?

For best taste & quality, All Ingredients are Non-GMO & Organic.

How & When should I eat SustainaButter?

Consume SustainaButter just like you would a regular nut or seed butter. For increased energy & satiety avoid heat exposure & make sure you're hydrated. ideally, eat Sustainabutter first thing in the morning for a sustained energy buzz. check out our recipe page if you need some inspiration. New recipes will be added regularly check back for updates.

I know separation is natural, but Is There an ideal Way to Stir my jar?

The best way I've found is to take a butter knife & make several slow deep slices from end to end (imagine a seven pointed star). this allows the oil to seep to the bottom making it easier to stir as well as less oil spilled. make sure to stir initially for at least 5 minutes.


Why Glass Jars?

High fatty foods degrade plastic containers. Thereby leeching toxic plastics into food, compromising your health, the overall taste & the shelf-life. It may cost more to ship, but glass is a standard.